Past Hope Conferences

2024 Hope Conference

  • Creating and Rebuilding Community for Survivors of Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, and Rape – Charley Mestrich
  • Diversity of Wellness – Stephanie Roberts
  • Harm Reduction: The Role of Peers – Haner Hernandez, Ph.D., CPS, CADCII, LADCI
  • Hope Conference – Final Case Management
  • Let’s Talk Miracles
  • Reframing Reimagining Handout
  • The Relationship of Mindfulness & Meditation Tools for Wellness
  • Understanding Generational Communication Differences

2022 Hope Conference

  • Making Self-Directed Care a Realty in Maine
  • Reducing Stigma: Recovery Healthcare Rights for Persons with SUD(s)

2020 Hope Conference

  • How to Access the Maine Legislature

2019 Hope Conference

2018 Hope Conference

  • Service Animals, Emotional Companions & Therapy Dogs
  • The Grievance Process in the Community
  • How to Open & Operate a Peer-Run Recovery House
  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Recovering People, Recovering Communities
  • Exploring Self-Injury and Harm Reduction
  • Your Story & You
  • Mental Health Recovery including WRAP

2016 Hope Conference

  • Connecting Through Compassion
  • Self-Awarenessin Handling Everyday Challenges in Recovery
  • Systems Change: One Relationship at a Time