About Us

What We Do

  • The Consumer Council System of Maine (CCSM) is an independent, public instrumentality established by Maine law (Title 34-B, §3611).
  • The CCSM is responsible for providing an independent and effective consumer voice into mental health public policy, services, and funding decisions.
  • The CCSM consists entirely of past/present recipients of mental health services (consumer/peers), including all Statewide Consumer Council representatives and paid staff.
  • We welcome and need the participation of all mental health consumers/peers from all over Maine.
  • Being part of the CCSM will benefit you, your peers, your community, and our state.

Mission Statement

The Consumer Council System of Maine represents fellow consumers with an effective, organized voice in shaping public policy and mental health services. We hold as essential the participation of all consumers and look to collaborate with allies to find realistic solutions to local and statewide issues and to advance recovery-oriented, consumer-driven mental health care and peer-run recovery opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Consumer Council System of Maine leads the way as a well-established cornerstone of a recovery-oriented system of mental health care, moving forward with courage and creativity, directed by an informed, diverse grassroots consumer network.

Values Statement

  • We believe inclusion of all consumers/peers is essential to the success of our mission and honors the diversity of our community.
  • We believe in a recovery-oriented, peer-led system of care guided by resiliency and hope.
  • We believe in building collaborative relationships to find realistic solutions to local and statewide issues.
  • We believe in moving forward with creativity and innovation to bring about systemic change to mental health care.
  • We believe in listening and supporting one another with compassion, equality, dignity, and respect.
  • We believe in open, honest communication, conducting ourselves with integrity and transparency, to encourage collective accountability.
  • We believe in acting wisely and deliberately, informing ourselves and others, to advocate effectively for quality services and preservation of rights.