Subcommittee Issues with Access to a Current BRAP Application – First Draft 1/10/24

The Issue

Currently, finding a current usable and up-to-date BRAP application is very challenging. Participating organizations outside of Shalom House do not have them or say they are coming soon. For example, a member called the BRAP provider in his area and it took him 4 weeks to get the up-to-date application and the one on their website was old and no longer accurate. As of today, it is no longer on their website. Another organization says the application is coming soon. Accessing these services/documents should be easier!


  1. There should be one centralized website to find an accurate current application.
  2. There should be an openly accessible option to fill out the application online that is also centralized.
  3. The relevant subcontractors should have a current link to this one-stop hub.
  4. Wherever providers are talking about housing needs they should have access to do technology needed to facilitate the successful completion of housing applications on the spot. 

Expected Outcomes

The CCSM expects that there should be easier access and consistency to housing applications.

To submit feedback, ideas, or a personal story relating to this issue statement, please send it to the CCSM either by mail at: 219 Capitol St. Suite 7 Augusta, ME 04330, or email at [email protected].

DEADLINE TO RESPOND: February 12, 2024