New Meeting Format Announced for 2020

In an effort to increase participation and get feedback from as many of our peers as possible, the SCC has voted on changing our local council meeting schedule (see chart below). Beginning on Jan.1, 2020, we will start using a new rotating, quarterly format that will include holding local council business meetings, hosting forums, and having optional meeting months.

2020 Meeting format.
To download meeting format, click HERE

This is how the format will work:

  • Local council business meetings: Represented in the chart below with an (M)- will now meet quarterly instead of monthly. This will mean that there will only be 4 meetings per year.
  • Forums: Represented in the chart below with an (F)- a public assembly that will be held for open discussion/feedback. We have decided to start hosting forums so we can get feedback from the greater community and from those who cannot attend a local council meeting. The forums will be hosted in the same city/town but locations may change. Every forum will be held from 4-6 pm.  Forums will be announced in advance and posted on our website and Facebook page, giving people plenty of time to plan to attend and share with others.
  • Optional meeting months (O): Represented in the chart below with an (O)- Optional meeting means a local council can choose whether to meet or not. A local can choose to meet to work on projects or to discuss issues but these meetings will not have staff support. The meeting can happen in person (mileage reimbursable) or by phone (not eligible for mileage reimbursement). It will be left entirely up to the members of the local council to make decision to meet or not and what to work on.

If anyone has any questions about the new schedule, you may contact the CCSM office at 207-430-8300 or toll-free: 1-877-207-5073