Legislative Subcommittee Meetings & Writing Group on Summer Hiatus

The current Legislative session is winding down so we don’t expect that any more new bills will be coming out that we will be needing to testify on. And because of this, our legislative writing group is on hiatus and we most likely will offer it again during the next legislative session which begins in January of 2023.

So we are taking a couple of months off from the regular monthly legislative meeting starting this month to reflect on bills that we might want to get future legislators to sponsor for us. As you know, there will be state and national elections taking place this coming November, so we will have to wait and see who will be serving in the Maine State Legislature come next January.  Also, we will be sending out a legislative training survey to see what folks need and would like to become better informed about the legislature and its various components

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Legislative writing group for their hard work and testimonies. We will be sending out the training survey in the near future and will let everyone know when the Legislative Subcommittee meeting will resume.  Thank you all for your work with the CCSM.