LD 1262: Statewide Strategic Plan To Serve Maine People with Behavioral Health Needs throughout Their Lifespans 

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is pleased to invite you to provide your input on a comprehensive statewide strategic plan.

Legislative Document No. 1262 (LD 1262) directs the development of a vision and comprehensive statewide plan to serve people in Maine with behavior health needs across the lifespan. LD 1262 indicates that the plan address a wide array of elements specified in the link available above.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has organized the plan into categories, sections, and action areas. LD elements are incorporated into each of these three levels, depending on the topic. Categories reflect the highest order organizational sections of the report; sections are specific components of the larger categories; and action areas are specific DHHS programs, initiatives, and activities that relate to the section or the larger category. For each category/section pairing, DHHS has outlined a system goal. Throughout the report LD elements are noted with an asterisk (*) for easy identification. The report categories are as follows:

  • Consumer Choice*: consumer choice is embedded into all facets of behavioral health care delivery across Maine and is therefore included as its own category
  • Population Focus: these sections, consistent with populations identified in LD 1262, refer to specific activities unique to specified populations 
  • Service Delivery: these sections outline activities in particular behavioral health service domains, ongoing innovation, and future plans
  • Infrastructure: refers to systems connectivity and transformation work that supports the delivery of optimal behavioral health services

This survey seeks your input on the content of this plan.