Feedback Needed on New Issue Statement Concept Draft

We want to hear from you!

The CCSM has created a new issue statement concept draft regarding inconsistencies with the use of Telehealth across the state.

To view the issue statement, click HERE

Do you have any thoughts on the concept draft? Do you or someone you know have any personal story to share that relate to this issue statement?


Please submit feedback/comments and/or personal stories to: Vickie McCarty-

or send through the mail to:

CCSM Issue Statement Comments
219 Capitol Street, Suite #7
Augusta, Maine 04330

Issue Statement Process Information

One of CCSM’s duties is to provide feedback to state government about local and statewide issues. We have a process that generates what is called an issue statement. This is a document that addresses a specific issue and gives solution-based recommendations on how to improve or make changes within Maine’s mental health system. Within this process, people are given an opportunity to provide feedback on each statement generated.

Recently, the Issues Statement Development Subcommittee agreed that to be more inclusive and for more peer voices to be heard, we realized that it would be helpful to attach “personal stories” to each Issue Statement we do. This will allow for more personalized experiences to be shared in order to better illustrate how an issue affects our community. Each personal story will be left unedited with its original wording.

Given this new opportunity, we hope our community will feel more engaged and empowered by giving voice to important issues.