Hope Conference 2023.

2023 Hope Conference

Empowerment – Creating Choices and Living Our Lives

Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 8:00-4:00, Augusta Civic Center

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Reframing Resistance – Dana Foglesong

Resistance is often viewed as negative despite resistance birthing the most important movements in history. Through the lens of resistance, Dana Foglesong will share her journey in the mental health system that started in shackles and led to despair and disability and her experience with peer support that led to her present-day leadership in systems she once was served by. The address will explore resistance as a framework for empowerment and wellbeing and as a necessity for the growth and sustainment of recovery-oriented services.

Easing the Symptoms of Terminal Uniqueness – Ian Harvie

We are all individuals, with unique experiences, how we process moments in our lives is like no other’s process. No one knows what we each of us as human beings have been through, from our struggles to our delights. You are special, one-of-a-kind, wonderful, just like that dear loved one told you are when you were a wee child. You are made of stardust and there is no one else like you in the universe. This is important language to routinely use when learning to limit or remove harmful comparison thinking in recovery life. However, during challenging times, this same type of individualist thinking can easily morph from positive intention into a negative thought, i.e., “No one understands me” or “I am the only one who has ever felt this way”. This pattern has the capacity to create blocks in your recovery, or in its extreme form, has potential to take you out of recovery entirely. In this interactive discussion, Ian will pitch the mindfulness practice of seeking characteristics and experiences in other human’s stories to align ourselves with. In turn, helping ease the symptom of terminal uniqueness and possibly other symptoms of illness, like, misconceptions, misperceptions, loneliness, despair, and avoidance.


Dana Foglesong, MSW, NCPS, CRPS has held national leadership positions in the private and nonprofit sectors and within state government. In these roles, she utilizes her professional experience and lived/living experience of recovery to transform policy and practice, deliver data-driven innovation, and work for the meaningful inclusion of people served and their families in the design, delivery, and evaluation of systems and services. Dana has received peer support, has been a certified peer specialist for 13 years, and has supervised peer specialists. For the last four years Dana has been in leadership at the National Association of Peer Supporters where her work has shaped policy and practice including leading the group that developed the National Practice Guidelines for Peer Support Supervisors and the proposed standard occupational classification definition for peer support specialists. She is a native Southwest Floridian and loves her pup Finn, tacos, and exploring local and international natural wonders.

Ian Harvie is a standup comedian, writer, actor, and public speaker, who has been in recovery for 30 years. Originally from Portland, Maine, Ian has lived in Los Angeles, CA for the last 17 years with his partner Sarah. Harvie is the recipient of the Equality Maine Pioneer Award, he is a mentor to LGBTQ youth, and former board member of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center. Ian and Sarah are regular weekend volunteers at Skydog Sanctuary for wild mustangs and donkeys and Pug Nation Rescue in Los Angeles.

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This conference is presented by the Consumer Council System of Maine.

Link to view workshop descriptions: https://ccsme.org/hope-2023-workshop-descriptions/

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