CCSM Quarterly Newsletter-Winter 2022 Edition

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Happy 2023 everyone! It is a very busy time of year at the CCSM! I feel like I say that a lot but we are taking on many more projects as an organization. These days we are planning the HOPE conference which will be held on May 17th. Put that in your calendar! Legislative season is in full swing and we are doing lots of legislative trainings as we really want to support people in using their voices in a variety of ways including the legislative process. And join us on March 1st at the Maine Statehouse Hall of Flags as we partner with several other peer organizations for a peer advocate legislative education day. Detailed information can be found in this newsletter!

We are also looking to grow current local councils and develop new ones. So what areas do you want us to visit? Ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy? We are willing to help in any way we can.

Stay warm and we can’t wait to see you all!