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LD 1586: An Act To Strengthen Statewide Mental Health Peer Support, Crisis Intervention Mobile Response and Crisis Stabilization Unit Services and to Allow E-9-1-1 To Dispatch Using the Crisis System


Monday, May 3, 2021 at 9 AM | Health & Human Services Committee (Via Zoom)

(This bill came out of LD 1602: Working Group on Mental Health: Click HERE for a copy of the final report)

This bill tries to accomplish the following in 3 major areas:

  1. Funding for peer support:
    • Additional funding to the Intentional Warm Line
    • New funding for peer support workforce development
    • New funding for peer support and recovery coaching added to mobile crisis teams
    • New funding peer support and recovery coaching to crisis stabilization units
  2. Infuses financial resources into the current crisis system including
    • The statewide crisis line
    • Mobile crisis services
    • Crisis Stabilization Units
    • Community debriefing and critical incident services
  3. Adds additional clinical services to law enforcement in the form of mental health liaisons and adds mental health liaisons to 911 dispatch centers.

Click HERE to view LD 1586 (PDF or WORD Version)

Video explanation of LD 1586 in easy to understand language-presented by CCSM Executive Director, SImonne Maline. (Recording created: 4/28/2021

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