Second Draft: Dedicated Mental Health (MH) Peer Services Funding Needs to Stay in MH Peer Services


The CCSM recently learned about the fact that when the Waterville MH Peer Recovery Center (contract held by NAMI ME) closed, the monies were not reallocated for peer services. There are so few dedicated dollars for peer services in the mental health community that we are concerned that what little we have should stay in our community to pay for needed mental health peer centers/services.


  1. A process needs to be developed within OBH that if an MH state-funded peer service(s) closes or is underspent in any way that those funds need to be reallocated to other MH peer recovery centers/services. This process needs to be transparent to the entire community. The CCSM would be more than willing to offer guidance as needed.

Expected Outcomes:

We desperately need to increase our MH peer recovery funds and not decrease them for ANY reason. We want everyone in the State of Maine to be able to access these services no matter where they live. Let us continue to work together to GROW the funds for these services and no longer decrease what is available to fund this critical program for our fellow peers. 

To submit feedback, ideas, or a personal story relating to this issue statement, please send it to the CCSM either by mail at: 219 Capitol St. Suite 7 Augusta, ME 04330, or email at [email protected].

DEADLINE TO RESPOND September 11th, 2023.