Legislative Action Alert: LD 540


LD 540: “An Act to Establish Peer Respite Centers for Adults with Mental Health Challenges in Maine”


Wednesday, April 5, 2023  |  1:00 PM
Joint Standing Committee on Health & Human Services
(Cross Building-Room 209)

The CCSM is asking the peer community to provide testimony on this bill. 

This bill directs DHHS Office of Behavioral Health to RFP (Request for Proposal) for two adult peer respite centers in Maine.

The CCSM is supporting this bill as we want peer respites to return to Maine because they provide alternatives and choices for individuals rather than replacing traditional clinical services.

If you need assistance writing testimony or have questions, please contact the CCSM Office:(207) 430-8300 or Toll Free:1-877-207-5073 

Below are some talking points and other information to help you write testimony….

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