IMD Waiver Legislative Bill: Explanation & Talking Points

Mark Joyce of Disability Rights Maine has written a very informative article about what an IMD (Institute of Mental Diseases) Waiver is and why it is not a good thing for peers in the state of Maine.

There is going to be a bill that will be heard at the legislature this session calling for the State to ask CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for an IMD Waiver. The bill is currently listed as LR 1402:  Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services to Apply for a Waiver from the Federal Government for the Medicaid Limitation on Payment to a Facility Where There Are More Than 16 Inpatient Beds for Psychiatric Treatment Sponsored by Sen. Joe Baldacci of Penobscot. (This bill will be assigned a different number as an LD soon)

We do not support this bill and will be writing testimony to that effect when the bill comes out.

Please read this article for a better understanding of how this would have a negative impact on mental health care that should be based in the community of one’s choice and not in long term stays at a psychiatric facility.

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