Concept Draft: Lack of DLS (Daily Living Support) Services for Those in Need of the Service in Maine

In the past few years, we have seen a sharp decline in this service’s accessibility for people that need this service to be able to stay in their own homes successfully by having supports that increase skills and abilities to be successful in the community of the person’s choosing. We are concerned by the lack of providers of this service and others that support our fellow peers.

If Maine as a State, not just State Government offices does not spend some significant resources to looking at the workforce issues in behavioral health and other critical services we will continue to struggle to have a community to support our fellow peers.

Definition: “Daily Living Support Services (DLS) are designed to assist a member to maintain the highest level of independence possible. The services provide personal supervision and therapeutic support to assist members to develop and maintain the skills of daily living. The services help members remain oriented, healthy, and safe. Without these supportive services, members likely would not be able to retain community tenure and would require crisis intervention or hospitalization. These services are provided to members in or from their homes or temporary living quarters in accordance with an individual support plan. Support methods include modeling, cueing, and coaching.”  From Keypro’s website

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