CCSM Encampment Sweeps First Draft 12/13/23

The Issue:

We are very concerned that there is a disturbing trend of sweeps to remove unhoused people/encampments in Maine. We want to see all town/city/state officials to stop these traumatic actions and support these individuals as fellow humans in need.


  1. According to State of Maine Housing Production Needs Study, Maine is in need of 50,000 housing units by 2030.
  2. Communities should provide encampments with basic facilities like water, trash removal and a bathroom.
  3. There needs to be robust services provided to all who are living outside. This should include medical services offered at encampments.
  4. We should have a ban at the very least that does not allow for sweeps in the winter/cold weather.

Expected Outcome:

Fundamentally, we want to see everyone have access to stable housing. Until that day comes, we want to see everyone who is unhoused to have safe opportunities for staying at shelters or outside with the supports needed for people.

To submit feedback, ideas or a personal story relating to this issue statement, please send to the CCSM either by mail at: 219 Capitol St., Suite 7, Augusta, ME 04330 or email at [email protected].